Upload entitlement CSV for direct connector


I am using EPIC direct connector, In that I found that few templates and sub templates are not getting aggregated. It may due to those templates are not assigned to any user on the target system.

In case, if new entitlement is added to target system and is not assigned to any user, it will not get aggregated via entitlement aggregation because that entitlement is not assigned to any user yet.
I want to import such entitlement by adding new entry in the CSV file and upload it from the ‘Entitlement’ tab.

Upload operation says, it completed successfully but it doesn’t add new entitlement to the list, Is it bug from SailPoint side or it is not supported at all? In that case this option should be hidden for the Direct Connector.

Is there way to add additional entitlements via API ?


Hey @sbhingare,

Thanks for posting.

Regarding those export and import buttons circled, I believe they are usually used for updating attributes and values on existing items in the list.

if you go to the import data data tab on the left hand side, it will give you the option to import a CSV there if the connector supports it.

I hope this helps.