Update one Identity attribute via API

I am trying to update one Identity attribute via the IIQ API. I’m using this endpoint:


And I’m using this body:

  "userName": "User.Name",
  "urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:sailpoint:1.0:User": {
    "attributeName": "Test"

The Identity attribute is updated as expected, but all of the other Identity attributes on the Identity are completely wiped out.

What am I missing?


Wondering if the end point is expecting all the existing attributes, along with the new changes.

Hi @vic_rinkenberger ,

Are you trying to modify identity attribute in target application as based on behaviour your target application api is expecting every attribute value along with changes attribute value.

Please check with application team and modify you api request envelop before sending the request using before rule.

I’m just trying to modify one Identity attribute directly on the Identity. It seems like it is expecting that I also supply ALL OTHER Identity attributes, or else it will wipe them out.


Hi @vic_rinkenberger

The operation is PUT, not PATCH operation.

I have replicate your use case. I just updated display name and it is updated but it wiped out first name, last name and email attributes. However manager attribute is not wiped out.

It looks like you need to do a GET first to get all the attributes and than perform the PUT with all attributes including the ones not changed and excluding the read-only attributes.

There is not a lot of documentation on the IIQ SCIM API :frowning:

– Remold

Ah, that makes sense. So, is there no way to simply update one Identity attribute from the API?



Yes, it seems to be. We don’t have much documentation on IIQ API.

There might be a way to create a new Workflow (to update a particular attribute) and call that custom Workflow via the API.
But I would only go that route if it is focussed on 1 particular attribute/use-case on a regular basis (Like enable/disable based on an external event or alike).

– Remold

OK, thanks for everyone’s responses!

If it is not something custom solution, I would suggest you to use batch requests to update identity data for bulk users. In my experience, we didn’t use any API in IIQ, we used OOTB solutions and custom solutions inside IIQ.

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