Update NativeIdentity within AccountRequest of ProvisioningPlan


I am working on a custom connector and the unique Identifier for the accounts I am creating is generated during the create provisioning action. This value is also the Account ID within IDN.
I have two issues:

  1. How do I update the NativeIdentity within the accountRequest section of the provisioningPlan so IDN has the correct value?
  2. This value (The Account ID) is also a value for the acc but its not appearing on the Account in IDN despite it being in the create profile and the schema for the accounts, do you have any suggestions as to why this might occur?

In both of these instances I the account on the end system are created correctly.


Basically you want to return an object in results, you will need to include the rest of the values for the account as well.

returnObject.put(getIdentityAttribute(), valueForNativeIdentifier);
    return result;

accountRequest.setNativeIdentity(value of attribute). This also worked for me in jdbc provisioning rule. Had similar scenario where we were getting nativeIdentity value generated from database.

Hi @chirag_patel,

I am working on the JDBC Provision rule where Account ID is getting generated in the database at the time of account creation. Because of this, in IDN it is showing ??? on the account link. Can you please share some more information on how you are fetching that nativeIdentity which is generated in the database and where you are setting the NativeIdentity? Are you doing that in JDBC provision rule?


you can try accountrequest.setNativeIdentity(value) method and it worked for me.