Trail Account for Identity Now API's collection with test user

Can we take a trail account to run identity now API’s collection with test users.

Hi Gaurav!

I assume you mean you are looking for a ‘trial’ account. Does this mean you are looking for an IdentityNow sandbox tenant? If you have an active IdentityNow subscription, you should have a Prod and Sandbox tenant included already and you can use the Sandbox tenant to test some API functionality.

If you have an active Sandbox tenant, you can find the latest V3 API documentation for IdentityNow here. If you have any specific questions about the endpoints, I would suggest opening a new thread that is specific to your question.

If you do not have an active IdentityNow subscription, I do not believe there is a way for you to get a dedicated tenant to test API functionality outside of achieving Ambassador or Export Ambassador status here in the Developer Community:

Please let me know if this helps answer your question!

Thank you,

  • Zach

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