To get Workgroup Names without using any filter condition

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Version 8.3

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I want to implement projection queries to fetch the workgroup name instead of the workgroup object by modifying the below lines of code

import sailpoint.object.Identity;
import sailpoint.object.QueryOptions;
import sailpoint.object.Filter;
import java.util.List;
List wrkgmemnberList = new ArrayList();
QueryOptions qo = new QueryOptions();
List<Identity> workGroups = context.getObjects(Identity.class,qo);
for(Identity ident : workGroups)
	System.out.println("Workgroup name - "+ident.getName()+"\nMembers");
	Identity workgroup = context.getObjectByName(Identity.class, ident.getName());
      Iterator wrkGrpmembers = ObjectUtil.getWorkgroupMembers(context, workgroup, null);
        Object[] object = (Object[]);
        Identity ids = (Identity) object[0];
        System.out.println(ids.getName()+" - "+ids.isInactive());

code to get workgroup names only.

List wrkgNames = new ArrayList();
  QueryOptions qo = new QueryOptions();

  List props = new ArrayList();
  Iterator it =, qo, props);

  while (it.hasNext()) {
    String name = (String)((Object[])[0];

  return wrkgNames;

The code which I have provided is using the projection search , its not storing the workgroup object. its just pulling the name of workgroup from the database and storing in this and then returning.

Iterator it =, qo, props);

The method search(java.lang.Class<T> cls, QueryOptions options, java.util.List<java.lang.String> properties)

Performs a projection search for selected object properties and return an iterator.

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