There is a way to use iiq tools for eclipse in intellij?

I wondering why i have to install eclipse to use the iiq tools when intellij is much better to work.

so there is a working around how to get this iiq tool in intellij??

Thanks in advance

There is no plugin for IntelliJ (afaik).

For Visual Studio Code there is a very good extension:

My prefered IDE is IntelliJ as well and now i use both :smiley:
IntelliJ for the development in Java and beanshell (using Language Injection)
Visual Studio Code with the IIQ-DA Extension to import/export/compare etc between my local files and IIQ environments.

– Remold


Thank you! I did not about visual studio :slight_smile:

There is no IIQ plugin for intelliJ.

The main point of using IDE is to efficiently code and check java/rule code, so you can just import all SailPoint IIQ libraries as External Libraries in your Java Project and start coding.

Although you would not have the benefits of deploying the code directly to env and xml representations of rules etc. but at least you can still make sure your java code syntax is correct. Example from my IJ -


Thank your answer Aditya,

Its I understand correctly if this right?, import the iiq jar into my project

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I had imported the entire lib/ folder that sailpoint IIQ has into IJ, but for most of the things just importing identityiq.jar would work as well.

Thank you Aditya, good tip. I’m going to do the same

I did the same. I don’t really need a plugin vor IntelliJ.
I use these templates for Rule methods:

You cannot run them, but you get syntax check and code completion.

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In addition to adding jar files from IIQ, I have also added the jar files that are available inside new Rule Validator that have some classes required in IDN and missing in IIQ jar library


Could someone advise what version of SDK is safe to use while creating rules?

If you also want to code beanshell within XML (exported/copied manually or via Visual Studio Code) with the same functionality of java, use language injection in IntelliJ.

Follow the steps from Aditya and then:

  • Open the XML in IntelliJ

  • Right Click anywhere in the beanshell code

  • Click: Show Context Actions

  • Click: Inject language or referrence

  • Search and click: Java

  • Goto: File → Settings

  • Open: Editor → Language injections

  • Double click the last item: Source

  • Add prefix:
    import*;import java.util*; import org.apache.log4j.Logger;import org.apache.log4j.Level;import sailpoint.api.*;import sailpoint.object.*;import sailpoint.object.ProvisioningPlan;import sailpoint.object.ProvisioningPlan.Operation;import sailpoint.object.ProvisioningPlan.AccountRequest;import sailpoint.object.ProvisioningPlan.AttributeRequest;import sailpoint.object.ProvisioningResult;import org.apache.commons.logging.*;import*; import sailpoint.connector.RPCService; import sailpoint.connector.AbstractIQserviceConnector; import sailpoint.connector.ADLDAPConnector; public class RuleDev {{ SailPointContext context; Identity identity;

  • add Suffix:

  • Click OK

  • Click OK

I hope this works and helps, it does for me. And yes, I should creat ea blog post for thiswhen I have time :slight_smile:

– Remold

Hi Remold,

I’m follow up your steps. The only part is not clear for me is:

Double click the last item: Source

where i can find the source option???

do I need to click in the “+” and click for “xml attribute injection”?

It looks like you did not perform the Java injection.




This really proofs I need to find time to create a blog-post for this :wink:

  • Remold

thank you for your answer.
When you said :

  • Open the XML in IntelliJ

you should clarified that is a rule, that was not clear for me, but i can see for the screenshot that you do the injection from a Rule xml

Hi Remold,
Thank you for your help. Perhaps you have any example rule with the skeleton/project structure in intellij that I can take an example?

Thank in advance

Hi Sara,

The best way is to use the Service Standard Build/SSB (
or use the full Service Standard Deployment/SSD ( which include the SSB, SSF, SSP and SST.

We use the SSB for most of our clients.

After setting up the SSB:

  • open the main folder/directory in IntelliJ using file->Open
  • place the of your version in base/ga
  • extract the to base/ga/identityiq-x.x
  • unjar the identityiq.war (from the extracted zip) to base/ga/identityiq-x.x/identityiq
    • unjar with the jar executable from your JDK and run: cd base/ga/identityiq-x.x/identityiq; jar xvf ../identityiq.war
    • or use 7zip or alike
  • open the module setting in IntelliJ and add the lib directory as library of the module, see Libraries | IntelliJ IDEA Documentation
    • the lib directory location is base/ga/identityiq-x.x/identityiq/WEB-INF/lib

If this is to cryptic, please state so. But I expect this should be enough for any IdentityIQ Certified Engineer :slight_smile:

– Remold

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