Targeted Certification Duplicate Issue

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Version 8.0

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Hi All,
I have been working on targeted certification, and in order to check exclusions and certify entitlements, I added an entry key. After adding the entry key as follows:


We are now able to see exclusions, but we’re also noticing an empty duplicate certification item assigned to the backup certifier (Image attached).

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue, or does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Hi @Ranjith2000,

This is due to all the Items are excluded for the Certifier.
You can enable Automatically Sign Off When Nothing To Certify to close the certification.



Hi @Shandeep

I’ve worked in targeted certification, where there isn’t an automatic sign-off when nothing to certify option available. Despite adding an entry key in the debug page, I’m still encountering the same issue.

Ranjith M

I see this option in Advanced Options

Hi @vishal_kejriwal1

Thank you for your guidance, I can now see the automatic sign-off option. However, despite enabling it, I’m still encountering the same issue

Can you please help me on this

Ranjith M

Did you ran Perform Maintenance Job with below options checked ?

Archive and prune certifications
Automatically close certifications
Finish certifications

Hi @vishal_kejriwal1

I’ve carefully examined all three options, but regrettably, the same issue persists.

Ranjith M