SuccessFactors Connector - Integration with SuccessFactors (Onboarding Module)

Need help in solutioning a pre-hire use case for SailPoint IdN integration with SuccessFactors. Thanks in advance for all your help.

Client Scenario:

During an employee pre-hiring process, candidate records get created in the On-Boarding module of SuccessFactor. During this stage, AD Accounts, SNoW accounts and other birthright accesses for the users are provisioned. Also, there are other onboarding tasks that are initiated based on the AD account creation. Once the pre-hiring process is completed (paper work etc), only then the Employee Central (EC) record on SuccessFactor gets created, which happens only a day or two prior to the joining date.


Based on the SailPoint document available, the OOTB connector can only read from Employee Central (EC). In this situation, how do we handle the pre-hire use case which is described above ?

If the connector isn’t capable to leverage data from onboarding module, easiest way to address would be to use custom table or feed which includes data from EC and Onboarding module, but you need to be aware once the data exists in EC, onboarding data should no longer exists in the custom table or you are likely to create duplicate identity in IDN with orphan accounts. Does the onboarding module assigns unique identifier e.g. EmployeeID, on pre-hire state, it’s my understanding user have unique identifier employee ID only when they show up in EC.