SP_CONFIG - Identity Profile

Using SP_CONFIG to export Transforms, Sources, and Identity Profiles works as expected. Importing Transforms to another tenant seems to work fine also as transforms generally reference sources by name (i.e. “sourceName”: “Workday”).

Sources / Identity Profiles are causing some issues and we’ve noticed the following:

  • SourceID is not preserved in the import (i.e. the source receives a newly generated sourceID)
  • Attribute references in the Source / Identity Profile appear to have both a “SourceName” and “sourceID” value in the default “accountAttribute” transform (i.e. “sourceName”: “Workday”, “sourceId”: “2c9180858029f612345678900d4c38a9”) but these sourceID values are not valid because of the new value generated

Curious if anyone has a recommendation on Best Practice for using SP_CONFIG to export from SBX and import to PRD to deal with the difference in sourceID values?

Additionally - We’ve been unsuccessful in being able to create an Identity Profile via the SP_CONFIG import process. Updating an existing IP seems to work fine though. Seeing this behavior across multiple clients/tenants.

Hi Ed,

SourceIDs can’t be set by users. They are generated by the system and meant to be globally unique. It is the expected behavior that importing sources into a different tenant will generate a new GUID for their ID.

Any references to sourceIds in an SP config export will be ignored on import. The import operation will use the source name, not the ID, to make sure the import matches up with the correct source in the target system.

As for your issue with importing identity profiles, this is a known issue being tracked by engineering. There is another forum post regarding this issue, which you can follow here: Error importing identity profile - #10 by colin_mckibben. I will update that post once the fix is in production.