Source import through beta/sp-config/import - VA bug

Hello everyone,
I think I faced a bug on the beta/sp-config/import API whilst trying to upload a SOURCE template exported from a working tenant.
The API documentation doesn’t mention anything about cluster while importing a SOURCE; but since a SOURCE can contain a “cluster” object (which contains id, name and type) the sp-config/import API should be able to parse that.
Actually, the “cluster” object gets completely ignored, but the SOURCE gets imported with an empty VA field, which is impossible to do via UI.
After this the only working solution is to:

  1. Retrieve the just imported SOURCE id - which isn’t returned by beta/sp-config/import job submittal
  2. PATCH (Source Path Partial) the imported SOURCE with a JSON like this one:
	  "op": "add",
	  "path": "/cluster",
	  "value": {
            "id": "clusterId",
            "name": "clusterName",
            "type": "CLUSTER"

Now the SOURCE is configured as would by creating it via API.

I think this is a bug.

Hope this can help anybody out there.

Welcome to the developer community Simone!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I created a ticket for our engineers to look into this. I’ll keep this thread updated on the progress.

@szucchi, have you tried adding the cluster ID to the source objects in the exported file before importing it to the new tenant? That might work and save you a step of having to run PATCH calls for each source after the import.