Source Features

In ISC sources, there is often a “features” array that includes actions like “SYNC_PROVISIONING”, “PROVISIONING”, “ENABLE”, etc.

My question is: does this array actually control what access the source is able to do? Meaning, if I remove “PROVISIONING” and “SYNC_PROVISIONING” from the list, have I effectively created a Read-Only connector, much like we are able to edit connector XML in IIQ?


This is exactly the same setting as feature string in IIQ. If you remove provisioning it will become read only connector.

This is amazing to know. Thank you!

Do you know if this is documented anywhere?

The only thing i found in the documentation are possible values

Just a quick note, is that if you add a features string that the connector doesn’t support, it might throw an UnsupportedOperationException :grinning:

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Gotcha - Have you validated if you are able to provision or not by taking out “PROVISIONING” from the features array?