Set NativeIdentity in BeforeCreate Account Web Service saas customizer

Im attempting to write a beforecreateaccount customizer for a web service saas connecter due to receiving an error “Native identity is neither present in the plan nor in the response”. The create api for this service only responds 200 not a response object that I can map back to the schema attributes to set the nativeidentity. Is there a way via customizer to set the native identity before the account is created?

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@Jhayes90 - What is your nativeIdentity on the account, is it an attribute that the identity already know like username or email? Or is it an unique id that gets generated at the target system after user is created?

In the first case, you can have the email or username set as nativeIdentity for your account request in Before Operation rule.

I handled the second case in IdentityIQ, by quering the single user aggregation API with a filter of email/username to retrieve the id value and set it as the nativeIdentity of accountRequest in afterProvisoning rule. As we do not have the afterProvisioning rule in IdentityNow, I believe you could try to have an additional operation for Create Account followed by the first one, where you invoke the API for single user based on a particular filter to get the response mapped.

Uday Kilambi