Set attribute back to Source Config with web service after operation rule

A non-standard oauth2.0 implementation is used in an app I am trying to integrate with. Though I am able to generate the token via custom authentication, I am attempting to save the “refresh_token” back to the source for further token generation. Is it possible to save or set an attribute on the source?

In my after operation rule, I have tried the following snippets, but the application attribute still remains null.

  String refToken = (String) response.get("refresh_token");      
      Map connectorStateMap = new HashMap();



The latter would work in IIQ, but I’m unable to save the object with the following code:

context.saveObject(application); context.commitTransaction().

Would it be possible to write back to connectorAttributes via operation rule to loop refresh_token in IDN?

bumping incase anyone has a solution

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