Segregate profiles view in NERM

I have a workflow in NERM to create profiles, is there any way to segregate the view of these profiles, i.e. I create 5 profiles and another person creates 3, however, on the dashboard we both see all 8 profiles, can I make it so that I only see the profiles I created and the other person sees only the ones he created?

This is from the dashboard and NOT from the administrator view.

If you create different kind of profiles, then you can do that via permissions. For example, you create vendors and other person create student profile type, then you can segregate the profiles so that you see what you are supposed to see based on the permissions.

Is there any way to do it with the same profile type, i.e. I want the “Vendor” profile but different users can register different “Vendors”?

I think so if you give profile access is limited to only contributor and you make the requestor or performer as the contributor. Then that way you should be able to limit the view. I am in the process of testing this, so will let you know when I am done.

I was able to test this and it worked the way you wanted. Let me know if you have any question.

Could you share a screenshot to see how/where it is configured, please?
Thanks in advance for the support.

Here you, for example, if you created Joe Smith as in the below screenshot, then add yourself as the contributor for that profile from the creation workflow and it should look like this in the end,

and the second requester who created, let’s say Jamie Smith profile will be added as the contributor to the profile and in your sponsor role, give the below permission

This will make sure that sponsor have access to the profile where they are added as contributor.

Let me know if you have any more question.

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Thanks for everything

I tested the configuration and it seems to work.
I mean, in the dasboard I see all the profiles listed, but when I click on one of which I am not a contributor I get the message that access is blocked for that profile, and I can only view/edit the ones I have as a contributor. This is the expected behavior, right?
Is there any way to limit not only the access but also the view of the profile, I mean, that it does not appear in the list.
If I am a collaborator of 10 profiles and another person is a collaborator of 100, that person can see in the list 100 profiles and I can only see 10.

It depends on how you have set permission on the role that’s granted to you. are you part of admin role too? If yes, then you will see everything.

If you are part of some other role, let’s say Sponsor, then you will see profiles based on how profile access is set up for this role. It will help me more if you can show me how your roles are setup.

To respond to your question, if you are not part of the admin role, then you shouldn’t even see the profiles for which you are not even contributor. So, please review your role permissions.


I think that may be the problem.
I changed the configuration of the “IDN Admin” role.
I attach a screenshot:

I’m going to try creating another role.

Taking advantage of this, do you know if it is possible to manually assign/remove roles, that is, if today I am part of the IDN Admin role, can I remove it and add another role manually from the interface?

Thanks in advance.

How are you logging to NERM, are you using SSO via IDN or Azure?

Login through IDN’s SSO

if you try to assign roles via API to users, they will be overridden. So, its better to assign the roles based on the roles/userlevel from IDN. For example, any one with ORG_ADMIN in IDN has admin level access in NERM, anyone who has just a Employee Role in IDN becomes the sponsor. So, better to use the Groups Attributes under SSO Configuration to map the roles.

Thank you for all your answers.