Segmentation: Limits on how many access items can be added?


I have 2 questions related to segmentation for access requests in IdentityNow:

  1. What is the maximum numbers of access items (total of roles + access profile + entitlements) that can be added to 1 segment?
  2. Does ServiceNow Service Catalog integration also have the access request segmentation feature? OR is it only available in IdentityNow UI?

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Hi Shail,

There shouldn’t be any limit to the number of access items that you can assign to a segment. However, per the segment docs, you can only add up to 50 access items to a segment at a time.

Thanks for that, we are looking at assigning 60k entitlements to one segment. You wouldn’t have a concern about it?

Here’s what I got from some other conversations I’ve had, anything official about these?

500 segments per tenant
100 visible segments per identity
20000 entitlements with at least one segment
100 assigned segments per access profile / role / entitlement


I have seen these limits internally, but not sure if they are still up to date. The answer I got from engineering is that there shouldn’t be a limit on number of access items that can be added to a segment. If you find that is not the case, please let us know so we can either update our limit documentation or get the limit increased.

Hi @colin_mckibben

50 is still showing as a limit for us. Pls advise.

That is saying you can’t save more than 50 access items in a single request. You will need to make multiple requests to get more than 50 access items into your segment.

Is this a hard limit on number of items per segment or something that can be extended ?

It’s a hard limit per request. To get around this, select the first 50 items and save. Then select the next 50 items and save. Repeat until you have all the access items you want.

Hi Shail,

Did you ever find out an answer for no.2?


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