SCIM v2 - Cannot filter Accounts based on if "active" equals true/false

Hi, I cannot filter Accounts when making API calls in Postman/Javascript, I get a 500 status code. This is how my GET request looks like: {{baseUrl}}/scim/v2/Accounts?filter=active eq true.

If I only use {{baseUrl}}/scim/v2/Accounts all the accounts are returned with 200 status code, but I cannot filter them. I have tried following the API guide: get-accounts | SailPoint Developer Community

Hi @antdru94

Could you try with the following filter?

filter=disabledAccount eq true

Hi, that does not work, no arritbute found, invalidFillter. This is the attribute I want to filter, but it does not work:

hi @antdru94
According IdentityIQ documentation only the following attributes are sercheable

The following fields are filterable or searchable: displayName, lastRefresh,
nativeIdentity, uuid, lastTargetAgg, identity, and application
. Search on application schema specific attributes is not supported

You can review it in the following documentation

(7.3 IdentityIQ SCIM API Reference.pdf - Compass)

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