SCIM Groups endpoint- Is http status code 204 accepted in PATCH Method?

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

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As per RFC - RFC 7644 - System for Cross-domain Identity Management: Protocol
w.r.t PATCH method to Groups endpoint in SCIM server

“On successful completion, the server either MUST return a 200 OK
response code and the entire resource within the response body,
subject to the “attributes” query parameter (see Section 3.9), or MAY
return HTTP status code 204 (No Content) and the appropriate response
headers for a successful PATCH request”

Currently I have implemented responding with 200 Status code & returning complete group resource, But I am planning to change the response code to 204 (no content) ,
I am seeking an advice whether the aggregation job which are live in production will get affected with this change ? or they will continue to Run smooth ?

Hi @kiranb,

For Aggregation GET API are used.
PATCH is only used during provisioning/update operations.
If you are making changes only on PATCH API it will not affect the aggregation.

But as it is a live production environment I would strongly advice to test your changes in lower environments.


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Hi @Shandeep ,

Thanks for the hints, actually I am not having much of the exposure to SailPoint platform , and using a partner account to test this behavior

I could test the aggregation for users & groups, but how can I set up so that I can provision new group in target app ? any hints please

Hi Kiran,

For provisioning to your target application you’ll need two things provisioning policy & provisioning rule(some connectors don’t need this).

refer to this

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