SCIM 2.0 Connector and Groups as Entitlements

We’ve integrated a number of SCIM applications into IdentityNow for user provisioning/deprovisoning using the SCIM 2.0 connector.

However, most of the SCIM apps that I’ve been working on do not include group information in the /users SCIM API, therefore, we can’t aggregate groups in the user aggregations and can’t determine group entitlements associated with users.

/Groups SCIM API does return the list of members, but I still don’t know how I would associate this with users from an entitlement aggregation.

Has anyone accomplished groups to be read as entitlements, therefore, able to certify and remove the entitlement if necessary?

Hey @gar_atlassian,

I was just recently able to get this to work on our Miro SCIM 2.0 connection, but not without heart ache. Didn’t know if you had yours figured out or resolved at this point.

Noticed you opened this about a month ago.