Schema Preview returns no information

Currently we are setting up an LDAP connection in IIQ to Radiant Logic. We are able to get a successful connection to Radiant Logic and the OU in Radiant Logic that has the data but when we go and click on “Preview” on the Schema page we don’t get any results to show up.

Can you share a scrubbed version of your app config? This kind of thing usually occurs as a result of a misconfiguration or mis-coded logic in a Customization rule.

Did you add the Account Schema manually? Or was it imported from the source?

Nithesh, The account Schema was added manually. By default LDAP gives you like 50 attributes to select and I only am using 6 of them

Brian, I attached a screenshot of my configuration. I did blur everything for the most part.

Have you tried to use the ‘connectorDebug’ from the console ?

Also take a look at the troubleshooting guide for connectors.

Nothing looks particularly off there - can you share your schema config?

If I was to place a bet, it’d be on your Native Object Type being incorrect:

As a side-note, it’s often more efficient to share XMLs pulled from the Debug page vs screenshots in cases like this as the XML will contain all the relevant app config parameters :smiley:.

I would start from ConnectorDebug <APPLICATION_NAME> iterate in the IIQ Console (please refer to the IdentityIQ Console Guide) and look into the loggers. Also, try to add debug loggers in the customization rule and see what happens when you either use ConnectorDebug or click on preview.

May I know which Identity attribute you are using

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