SailPoint integration with Cloudflare connector


I am using the out of the box Cloudflare connector to integrate SailPoint with Cloudflare. It seems like the connector does not support disabling the accounts, however my organization would like to delete the users once the lifecycle state is inactive.


I can see the following errors. Is there a way to delete the accounts? I have tried the before provisioning rule as following:

            "eventConfigurations": [
                    "eventActions": [
                            "Action": "RemoveEntitlements",
                            "Attribute": "memberOf",
                            "Value": null
                            "Action": "ChangeOperation",
                            "Attribute": null,
                            "Value": "Delete"
                    "identityAttributeTriggers": [
                            "Attribute": "cloudLifecycleState",
                            "Value": "inactive",
                            "Operation": "eq"
                    "operation": "Disable"

However, it seems like it cannot remove the entitlements, nor the account to be disabled/deleted. I believe I have to disable the account first before deleting, however I do not care as long as I will be able to completely delete it from the target system (Cloudflare). Please let me know how this can be solved. thank you!

Hi Alexandru,

I haven’t used the Cloudflare connector myself, but looking at the connector documentation, it does not support Account disable or delete.

The Before provisioning rule only alters the provisioning plan being sent to the connector and if the connector does not support the operation, it will not go through.

You may need to rely on a WebService connector to achieve your use case.

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