SailPoint IIQ on Azure Cloud

I am looking for learnings, experinces from people who have deployed IIQ on Azure cloud and Azure SQL (PaaS or Azure SQL).

Hi Abhishek,

That’s an extremely large topic. I would recommend reviewing the IdentityIQ on Azure article on compass first: After reading that, you can probably narrow your question down to something a bit more specific.


Thanks I have gone throuh the doc and have following questions

  1. Any additional guideliens from SailPoint omn Azure SQL PaaS as database available,?the post says it was last updated in 2019 and it is not officially tested.
  2. Sizing :- It says f8 for large, not sure if f8 is an old recommondation from 2019 or it is the latest?

At one of our larger clients we deployed IIQ in AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) using Azure SQL Database.

We encountered no big or abnormal issues and running smooth. We used the information from the link Rich already shared. We used the Medium Footprint from the Hardware Sizing Guide for 35k of active identities. :slight_smile:

The only issue we faced was the Azure Web Application Firewall bocking all POST request using the default WAF Policy. Issues were related to (amongst others) the WebUI of IIQ is using XML to POST to the IIQ server and XML is blocked by the default WAS policy. Since IIQ deployed on AKS is not fully supported by SailPoint they were unable to provide us information on how to setup WAF for IIQ :frowning:

So yes, IIQ is running fine on Azure, either on VMs as in AKS :slight_smile:

– Remold

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thanks that’s helpful.
We are not planning to use AKS but Azure VM’s for the current project.

For the Azure SQL server we use the following in the file for our dev and test servers (for prod install the cert in the Java truststore):

sessionFactory.hibernateProperties.hibernate.dialect=sailpoint.persistence.SQLServerUnicodeDialect * FROM {0}LOCKS UPDLOCK WHERE LOCK_NAME = ?

And use the latest Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server

– Remold

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