SailPoint IdentityNow VS Code Extension Now Available

I have been able to set the Tennant but unable to set the client ID and secret even though they both are valid. When I enter the client ID I get invalid Client ID which does not make any sense

@ali_sadjadi my first suggestion would be:
Connect to the tenant in postman, to validate the details you believe are correct, then copy/paste it into VSCode.
I had the wrong field the first time I tried to set the credentials too.
also make sure you’re selecting the right one when it asks for the personal access token / session token.

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Did you create a Personal Access Token?

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Yes, I’ve entered the tenant name as you mentioned above. Here I just masked it with *. With the same PAT credentials I’m able to connect in POSTMAN successfully.

Yes but when entering the client ID I get Invalid client ID

Is the format of the client ID very different from the placeholder?
The input is suggesting 806c451e057b442ba67b5d459716e97a.
Does your client ID is longer? have dashes?

Here is the doc to generate a PAT: Managing Personal Access Tokens - SailPoint Identity Services

Thank you for providing that Doc! Much appreciated

It just hangs with client ID and I am not getting prompted for secret

Ok I had to restart the VS code again and it seems to work now thank you so much for your help much appreciated!

@yannick Any help on this.

Hi @seemarani
Did you check SailPoint IdentityNow VS Code Extension Now Available - #28 by yannick_beot?

Hi Yannick I am wondering if I can ask a follow up question. Can we use the PATs from the security section by removing the dashes from Client ID? I have not tried this but I think they would work as well. Thanks

No its not longer and don’t have any dashes. As I said earlier with the same PAT able to connect in postman and execute API’s successfully. I suspect it could be some proxy or any network issue

Quick question: Once setting a tenant in VS code is there a way to update the PAT after it has expired?? Or do we just delete the Tennant and re add it with new token?? I am looking through the extension and not seeing a way to update the PAT. Thanks everyone

PAT are not supposed to expire.
As of now, it is not possible to change the PAT for a tenant.
You shall remove the tenant and add it again.

Hey Guys,

I am able to add the tenant but while accessing the any object(Source, Rule, Transform) I’m getting “unable to get issuer certificate”.

Any help would be appreciated


Hi @seemarani1

Did you get any work around to fix it ?

HI @avnw1 , @seemarani1
Can you make sure that there is no issue with your proxy?
It seems like a SSL inspection error: your proxy is using a certificate that is not recognized.
You can check Setup Visual Studio Code's Network Connection

Eventually, can you provide more logs. For that, go to Help > Toggle Developer Tools and look for the console logs or the network connections.

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