SaaS Connector OOTB issue?

Hi, I am trying to develop my first SaaS connector.

I first created project, with “sail conn init somename”, then opened VS Code, run a terminal and perform and “npm install”. That goes right.

VSC is marking me an error with the test connector call, I did not change anything in sources yet, is still OOTB.

Error is on index.ts:

and error is:

Argument of type ‘(context: Context, input: undefined, res: Response) => Promise’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘StdTestConnectionHandler’.
Types of parameters ‘input’ and ‘input’ are incompatible.
Type ‘StdTestConnectionInput’ is not assignable to type ‘undefined’

I think I had a similar issue… it could be that the SDK is generating something incorrectly. Try changing your input on that function to what I have

.stdTestConnection(async (context: Context, input: StdTestConnectionInput, res: Response<StdTestConnectionOutput>) => {
  'Running test connection')
            res.send(await httpClient.testConnection())

Thanks! Worked for me, strange that I downloaded the examples and have the input as undefined. Perhaps the Sailpoint CLI is generating some error code (I downloaded about 2 months ago).

I need to upgrade my CLI to the latest version… it seems that this commit could have fixed the issue we’re dealing with

I just downloaded last CLI version (2.1.4), make a new project and your fix comes ootb now:

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