Rule Beanshell for Attributes

What I am trying to do is create a script or rule for my workflow from a quick link, in which I can bring a specific attribute of a delimited file type application, and that when a user enters the quick link the attribute value to a new table that I created in my database and keep updating on the table each time a different identity enters the quick link.

but I don’t know how to create it, could someone help me as I don’t know anything about IdentityIQ rules or script within a workflow

If you want to learn more about developing Java BeanShell code for Rules and Workflows, I would recommend these references:

  1. Sign In to Compass - Compass

  2. The IdentityIQ System Administration Guide for your version of IdentityIQ. There are a couple of chapters dedicated to Workflows

  3. Check the SailPoint API (Javadocs) which should be in the /doc/javadocs directory of your deployed IdentityIQ web app (for example: C:\Apache\webapps\identityiq\doc\javadoc). Specifically, take a look at the methods in the sailpoint.object.Application class. There are getter/setter methods such as getAttributes() and getAttributeValue(String attrName) that can retrieve the entire Attributes map or a single attribute value, respectively


Identity University has a terrific course about workflows, rules, and script.

You may also want to look at How to use meters on Compass. The Meters library may have a lot of what you need already coded.