Rotating Refresh Token for JIRA SDIM Issue - 2024

Hello All,

I see that an issue was raised on 2022 regarding the rotating refresh token for JIRA not supported by SailPoint. Has this issue been fixed?

I am trying to use OAuth for JIRA SDIM and I am getting this error which is in reference to the rotating refresh token in JIRA:
“error”:“unauthorized_client”,“error_description”:“refresh_token is invalid”

It looks like it’s been almost 2years since the update was released in JIRA. Checking to see:

  1. If SailPoint has fixed this issue?
  2. If others are also facing the issue? If yes, what are some of the workarounds being done?

Some orgs are very particular about not using the Basic Auth for the integration, which does make sense. And, since SailPoint IDN does support OAuth for JIRA, it’s hard to convince clients to opt for Basic Auth.

Ref: Rotating Refresh Token Discussion (2022)

Hello Niwesh,

I don’t know about the SDIM, but taking a look into the new Atlassian Suite SaaS Connector it states that the connector are still using Basic Auth using the Org Admin Token.

So maybe there is no update to the old connectors yet :confused:

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