Roles Available via API, but not in UI

The “Roles” feature is available for my tenant via API, but I can’t find it anywhere in the UI. I tried going to Admin → Access, and the only items available in that menu are “Entitlements” and “Access Profiles”. Is there something that needs to be enabled for me to view my Roles in the UI?

I have experience this when I was granted admin access for the first time in the tenant, my team removed my admin access and granted again and then it worked.

I will try this. Also worth noting that none of the admins are able to view Roles presently.

Definitely open a support case. If you have the roles feature but you don’t see it, then support will be able to assist.


@sailpointuser23 If you get a solution from support, please don’t forget to share it here for others to see.

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