Retrieving attribute values between rules in the same aggregation operation

Hello experts,

I have 3 group aggregation operations with a parent and child relationship between them, I have created an afterRule in the parent operation for the creation of an attribute which is the concatenation of two attributes I read from the answer.

I need to access the value of this attribute from the rules of the child operations, how can I do this?

Thank you very much,

The task definition UI does not include custom parameters in the UI, but you can edit the TaskDefinition object and insert any values you need into /TaskDefinition/Attributes/Map/entry, they won’t get overwritten by the UI. Or you can use a Custom object to store the data. Or a database.

It depends on how you are launching these parent-child group aggregation tasks. Will you have multiples of the same tasks running at the same time? Will you use partitioning? These affect how you can safely and correctly pass the data around.