Requirement to build custom UI on ISC, looking for opinions on framework

Hey all, hope you all are doing great. As a project requirement we need to build a UI on top of IndentityNow. As I am doing some R&D I found out SailPoint is providing a UI kit for that using Svelte-Kit that creates Electron applications. But can I go for another framework? Like ReactJs? And which will be best for it? in all aspects?

Any response will be appreciated.

The UI Toolkit is fairly new, and I believe it is built on top of the APIs available in SailPoint. There would be nothing limiting you from using the APIs with the framework of your choice to build the UI you need.

The details for the APIs can be found here: Identity Security Cloud API Specifications | SailPoint Developer Community

If you do decide to go with another framework, you will likely have to do the development of the SailPoint interface with that framework yourself. You could likely use the UI Toolkit as an example, and possibly use some of the code or UI configurations, but you’d need to modify them to work with the framework you have chosen.

If you do decide to create your own framework, you could add it to Colab so others could use and contribute to it. It would also be a good opportunity for a presentation at the next Developer Days showing how you approached and solved your issue.


Options available to develop such a solution is unlimited!!
I have developed a single page application using NodeJS / Electron along with other npm libraries available which has been working fine so far.
Here are some screenshots:

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