Refresh Identity Task Best practices

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

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Hi All,

I see there are 3 Identity Refresh Identity Tasks are running with Partitioning enabled below options. I just wanted to find out if there are any best practices and how others are doing since these jobs never finishes gracefully and takes couple of hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

There’s no general Identity Refresh best practices but there is couple of documents which might be usefull for you.

First of all if you have a problem with refresh task running to long you can consider executing delta agregation daily and full over weekend following this whitepaper
Second thing is to check overal performance of your IIQ instalation and follow performance and partitioning recommendations.

Finally if you have any errors during your refresh I would start with debugging and fixing them firdt.

Alsonhere you can find general whitepaper about tasks management.

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@venus I would definitely have a Refresh Task after every aggregation done.

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