Reconfigure existing application in SailPoint IIQ

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Version 8.3

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Hi Team,
We have 800+ delimited file applications. We are now trying to automate those using SailPoint connectors like JDBC/REST etc. Please let us know if the ‘Reconfigure’ option is best suitable for such cases to change the connector type of the application. Any challenges observed with the reconfigure approach? Or should we just simply rename the older application as “app name-OLD” and onboard a new application.


I’d suggest to do a POC with an application by creating a new application altogether, keep the older one for comparison to check if all looks good. Also, once you’ve configured your application using the connectors and you want to try to automate the application onboarding by creating templates of the newly created app (using connectors like JDBC) you can try using application builder task (documentation)

Thanks for your suggestion. Creating new application with SailPoint works fine in our case.
However, is it good approach to reconfigure existing application than creating new application? is there any impact?

There are a lot of things you need to consider in this situation specifically wrt entitlements and roles that is assigned to the existing user. You need to make sure that the entitlement name configured in IT roles are same for the new JDBC endpoint.

Reconfigure will be good approach as for existing identities with roles and entitlements for an application, there is roleassignment attribute which contains the existing application name and id which will remain intact in case of reconfigure. Try this in lower environment and see it works.

You could try the reconfigure option but personally I wouldn’t really use it as the amount of time spent on reconfigure and troubleshooting data issues would be more than actually creating a new application.

You refer to these articles on compass which will tell you the same

Hope this helps!

I think its all depends what you want to do .

if you want to rename previous one as old just think of the implications like Audit , API , changes need to make so that application info not visible using API ( if you have written any custom ) , entitlement to be non-requestable , linking old audit data with different application name and many more .

Think of all the scenarios before taking any action .