Put values from different fields into different fields

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Hello Team

I would like to take the ‘a’ field value of A source that has been aggregated in the account within IDN and put it as the ‘b’ field value of B source.

Since source A is department information, it is not provisioned and it is not mapped to identity value, so I want to map it.

Is there any way?

Hi @sec_tech

If I understood correctly,

You would like to get some attribute from Source A and sync it to Source B ?


Yes, that’s right! But I can’t sync right now.
Because Source A contains only employee information, Source B does not have employee information, but has department information and manager information.
I want to put the manager information in Source B into the manager of the employee in Source A.
Only the dept_code of source A and the code information of source B are the same.

I am not able to understand your requirement.

Attribute sync is simple.

Syncing data from Identity attribute to account attribute in a source.

Create an Identity attribute, add necessary Transforms. Use that attribute in Create Provisioning policy attribute mapping, you get attribute sync by default, enable it.


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