ProvisioningRequest object while revoking/removing the access

When I submit a revoke access request, it got failed and I found ProvisioningRequest object is generated for that Access Request.

My understanding is this object type is used by IIQ when it believes a target system may be temporarily unavailable when provisioning is first attempted, and the PR object allows the transaction to be held in a sort of queue for a period of time where it can be later retried.

We also noticed that the cube refresh won’t provision missing entitlements when the target is up again as long as the ProvisioningRequest object exists. Our goal is to re-provision entitlements asap when a target system was down and comes up again so the next cube refresh should provision the missing entitlements.

Could someone help me on how we can achieve this ?
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Sharath Chandra


Couple Questions:

Were the entitlements revoked the ones you want re-provisioned?

Were the entitlements removed from the accounts on the target system? Often times, if a source goes down, all the target system data stays intact, Once its back up it should be business as usual.

If you have a bunch of identities you know should have a particular entitlement, easiest thing to do is create a role with a standard membership list. Next refresh, if you dont already have the entitlement, it’ll be provisioned.