Provisioning Policy in access request - Form sent to user other than requester before (or during) approval process

I’m trying to build a CREATE provisioning policy on an application where when an access request is made, the form is filled out by more than 1 person. The requestor must fill out most of the form, but then I need to route the form to the app owner to provide more information / create the account. I’m hoping the following is possible, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen.

  1. Scenario 1 - Requester submits access request and fill out the majority of the form. The click the Submit button, but several fields on the form have an owner of “App Owner”. I was hoping that this would route the form to the app owner before approvals and the app owner would provide additional information. Then it it routed to approvals, but is there a way to allow the approver to see and review data on the form?

  2. Scenario 2 (Disconnected application). - Requester fills out all necessary data on the form. Request is routed through workflow for approvals, and a final manual action workitem is generated. Is there a way to allow the person completing the manual action to view the form, as the data on the form is needed to create the account manually.

SC1: In the Provisioning Policy when adding a field, go to the “Type Settings” and sewt the “Owner” of the field, this owner will be the user to answer the question from the form.

SC2: As above, set the owner of the field in the provisioning policy to route who completes that information, then the manual workitem should show all the necessary meta data needed to complete the provisioning request.

That is also what I thought could be used for this, but it never routes the anyone other than “requestor” from what I’ve been able to determine.