PostgreySQL integration in identityNow

Hi Team,

Do we have possibility to integrate PostgreySQL with identityNow. Can we use JDBC connector type?

Yes, you can use the JDBC connector with Postgres databases.

Thanks for confirming. How we can identify, which custom jar should be uploaded for PostgreySQL. What versions are supported

The JAR file you’ll need is the JDBC driver for your version of Postgres. A quick Google search turned up this: I don’t know what version of Postgres you’re on nor what version the driver supports, but you can always just try the latest version of the driver against your database to see if it works. So long as you’re on a fairly updated version, I’d guess that it will.


Additionally, the documentation for the JDBC driver is available here:

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I’ll check thanks for this

If anyone else was wondering what version of Postgres SQL was supported by the JDBC driver linked: from their about page: The current version of the driver should be compatible with PostgreSQL 8.2 and higher , and Java 8 (JDBC 4.2) and higher .
PostgreSQL JDBC About