Perform Identity Request Maintenance task does not complete Pending requests

Hi experts,

We have noticed that some request are not being completed when Perform Identity Request Maintenance task is executed. We see that provisioningState of each RequestItem has Commited status, but completionStatus is still Pending and executionStatus is Verifying

Any idea about this topic?

It is as the status says, it is trying to verify that the changes are actually there (and failed, so it is waiting to retry). So the identity request was not changed to completed status.

  1. Verify on the target system that the changes have been applied.
  2. Try to perform group and account aggregation on that application. Then perform identity request maintenance again.
  3. Turn on debug log and look for clues.

Hi @kcwong_igsl

Thanks for your reply. we’ve followed the steps, and I after try to perform group and account aggregation and Then perform identity request maintenance, requests were completed

Here’s some information about the verification process if you are interested:

The same thing confused me a lot too, 2.5 years ago. I joined a new company with a customized IdentityIQ v6, had to navigate both IdentityIQ’s own processes and algorithms as well as those customized by a vendor.