Password Expiration - ${dayToExpire} evaluating the negative (-154255) days

Hello all,

I am having issues with ‘Password Expiration’ email template. We have ${dayToExpire} variable returning negative days when user is set to change password on next login (pwdlastset set to 0). Connector is returing the ‘PASSWORD LAST CHANGED’ as Dec 31, 1600, 7:03 PM which is why the days password will expire in is calculated as negative. Is there a solution to this or can we force to ignore/stop sending email when the date is negative? OR can we return the accurate value for PASSWORD LAST CHANGED at connector level?

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.


Hi @nadhikari_identitynow,

Try something as below :

#if(${dayToExpire} < 1)#stop#end REMINDER: Your ${acctName} password#if ( ${dayToExpire} <= 0 ) has expired#elseif ( ${dayToExpire} == 1 ) expires in ${dayToExpire} day#elseif ( ${dayToExpire} > 1 ) expires in ${dayToExpire} days#end

I haven’t tested this out, so you may want to change the ${dayToExpire} < 1 condition to something that fits your case.

Take a look at the below thread for reference :

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