Orphaned documentation

I am seeing more and more useful Compass documentation being archived without a replacement. Some of these I reference frequently, and this is causing some pain.


What is the process for getting something restored? I’ve seen references from others in the community with the same troubles.



Hey Jason,

I’m sorry to hear that. Their support team recommends that you email them at [email protected].

If it is IDN resources you’re looking for, let me know and I can work on contacting the original source owners.

Thanks, I did open a case before I posted this so hopefully I hear back soon. Yes, the missing post is one written by Neil and is very useful, I don’t see anything else out there that covers the topic, so its a documentation gap for sure. I’ve written many JDBC provisioning from external jars connectors, but having that whitepaper open is useful to have a checklist when at a new client, starting from scratch. Perhaps this can be enhanced to include the topic:


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I’ve reached out to Neil to =see what I can find out!