Oracle Cloud ERP Connector

Team - We are currently looking into having Oracle ERP connector integration, and we wanted to understand if it can manage workers/employees or if the connector only manages user accounts. Can someone please confirm?

IIQ Version 8.3P1

Hi @Suresh,

Can you please elaborate what do you mean by worker/Employee vs manage user accounts, however Oracle ERP supports below use case:

Hi @sukuramssukurams,

To add on to what Dheeraj pointed out, please refer to the following document for all things Oracle ERP Cloud integration with IdentityIQ.

These are the supported features Oracle ERP Connector -

Oracle ERP supported module:

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We have reviewed the connector document and have determined that it only manages user accounts and not worker accounts. Therefore, I would like to inquire if the connector has the capability to also manage worker accounts.

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