Oracle Aggregation is timing out

We had a custom oracle “Web Services” connector built for our environment. The API used was based off of sailpoint OOTB oracle solution.

API is going to:

It has been working for us for 3 year now. In the last month it has been very intermittent. Today is the first time where I was not able to get a manual aggregation to complete as the connector keeps timing out. I have already rebooted the VA’s, cleared the ccg logs…

Sailpoint support is stating that the connection to oracle is timing out. Our network team does not see any network related issues.

Any ideas?

This sounds like an issue with Oracle’s service, not IdentityNow. Oracle might be experiencing latency issues at certain times, and their API is not responding in a reasonable time.

You can try increasing the “Connection Timeout” from the “Connection Settings” page:

You might also look at paginating your requests to oracle to reduce the network load of an individual call.

At one point we had 3 oracle engineers along with a lead expert services tech from sailpoint. No one could figure out why all of a sudden our aggregations were failing. The assumption was we now have too much data and oracle does not support API aggregations for employee data.

We ended up having to resign our authoritative source.
using a delimited file source,
then oracle spits out an employee data report
which is now consumed by our IQserver which then passes it to identity now using a scheduled task and sailpoint java script.

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