OOTB Password management for the Disconnected Applications

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Version 8.2

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Hi Team,

OOTB reset password option is not available for the disconnected applications. As I placed the “Password” in application featureString , but disconnected account isn’t appearing in OOTB passwords screen under manage account.

Is there a configuration changes to enable disconnected applications accounts for password reset?


Can you please share your complete feature String for the app

Hi Hemant,
Welcome to the Sailpoint’s Developer Community. In order to see application in “Manage password” section it has to have 2 values in featureString - one is PASSWORD this is something you have already done, but also you need to have PROVISIONING. Once you add this 2 you will see it in the interface as available to perform password reset.

Problem is as disconnected applications does not implement provision() method on the connector level you will receive an exception saying Provisioning not implemented. Adding PROVISIONING will also result in no manual workitems being created after request because everything will go through the connector.

What you can try to do is to create manual workitem in the before provisioning rule and stop provisioning there to avoid exceptions from the connector.

Generaly disconnected password reset is a bit tricky requirement as you would expect that noone knows the password apart from the requester and in this scenario we have someone in between who needs to enter this password into the system and it’s not secure anymore.


Thank you, Kamil !

After adding PROVISIONING string in delimited application’s featureString, I can see delimited application account under passwords user interface.

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