Online tool for BeanShell validation / rule validation - as well as Apache Velocity

I heard an architect mention that there was an online tool that they used for validating beanshell and Apache Velocity logic. They never got back to me as to what those tools are.

Anybody help guide on where we can do more thorough testing?

vscode evaluation on a transform, using IDN extension, says it is missing a velocity extension, but haven’t found a guide of what extension to use and how to set it up, if it is possible.

@ts_fpatterson can you tell us more about who you may have talked to? That can help us track down where to look :slight_smile:

Aki Kassa was the contact. If he was mistaken, it would be a great enhancement to the product to be able to debug the logic and evaluate the variable assignments as it progresses through the transform or rules.

tranforms can be validated via VScode plugin . Works ok for me , example -

For rule validation refer - IdentityNow Rule Validator | SailPoint Developer Community

For testing velocity code in emails use this- Using Email Templates - SailPoint Identity Services

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Hi Aditya,

So if you have an Apache Velocity value similar to the below, it doesn’t give you errors and it evaluates? If so, can you provide any examples of what additional steps you had to take for Velocity to be configured in vscode?

“value”: “#if($legalHold != ‘empty’ && $beforeEndDate == ‘no’)legalholdInactive#elseif($legalHold != ‘empty’ && $beforeEndDate == ‘yes’)legalholdActive#elseif($fiveDaysOut==‘yes’ && $beforeStartDate==‘yes’)prehire#elseif($inactiveDelete == ‘yes’)inactiveDelete#elseif($beforeEndDate==‘no’)inactive#elseif($beforeStartDate==‘no’)active#{else}unknown#end”

The validator for IdentityNow rules is only handling syntax for the most part. What we are looking more for are recommendations for evaluating the beanshell logic and use case. Idealy something like what you would see with Jupyter Notebooks where you can see the values in the attributes or at least be able to do some debugging.

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