Onboarding Multiple sources of same type

Hi Team,

Is anyone onboarded multiple sources of same connector type using any automation to save the time. We’ve around 800 oracle DB’s we need to onboard to IDN for password sync usecase. Do we have any limit in onboarding the number of sources?

You can most likely accomplish this using our APIs and some scripting. The create source API is what you want to use.

I would start by manually creating one of your oracle DBs using the UI. Once you have it configured and working, use the list sources API to get the JSON configuration of your oracle DB. You can use this JSON as a template for the remaining 800 sources. Assuming you have a CSV file where you are tracking the specific configuration details of each source, you can write a script to replace the unique values in the template JSON with your source specific settings from the CSV. You can then upload the completed JSON for each source using the create source API.


Thanks Colin. We’ll check on this