Object Class violation error in LDAP provisioning!

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Hi All,

I have created the before provisioning rule for LDAP to modify OU path during LCS change. But getting the below error:


In the before provisioning rule i have added two attributes to populate the DN as below:

Any idea how to resolve this error would be appreciated.

Shantha Kumar

hey @Santhakumar the connector is complaining about the attribute newSuperior. is this the correct way to change the Manager?


Hi @ipobeidi yes in Ldap we have newsuperior to change the DN and for cn we have newrdn, similar to AC_NEWPARENT and AC_NEWNAME in AD. Iam not changing the manager trying to change the DN for the users.

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Hi All,

Resolved this issue by making the newsuperior attribute as newSuperior because these attributes are case sensitive.