NodeJS utility to help export, tokenize, and deploy IDN configuration objects via SPConfig APIs


Patrick will help ISC developers think outside the box by using development tools outside of the platform and interact with APIs to export, build, and deploy configuration objects across various IDN environments. His demo will be heavily focused on a NodeJS utility he has built which interacts with Identity Security Cloud via SP-Config APIs. This application is meant to be an IIQ SSB for Identity Security Cloud.


Hi @patrickboston ,

Thanks for your sessions at developer days. Would you be making this tool available for the community?


@patrickboston - is this tool going to be made available before or after you refactor it? and if so, do you have an ETA on that availabilty?

@svenkitachalam @chris4898 I am unfortunately not making this public as it’s something my company offers with our professional services, but my presentation was geared towards showing others how easily they can develop tools like this with the DevRel SDKs.

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