New Request Centre UI

After I have requested something , new ui lands into below page.

It should ideally have link for my requested access so I can go there easily. I can create idea for this but I know it would get lost in the ocean there.

I think this UI limitation might be related to this idea. I think the lack of a tracking ID returned by the access request API makes it hard for the UI to provide a link. Can you please upvote it and add your use case in the comments? It really helps me make my case to product when I have lots of customer feedback.

Hey @chirag_patel, thanks for the feedback! As a user submitting ideas, do you have any thoughts on how our Ideas portal might ideally work for you? Or could you be more specific on why you feel ideas get lost?

We’re actively improving our Ideas Portal, so I’d love to hear your feedback :slight_smile: You can also click here to view a blog post I recently made highlighting some of our recent changes. We think that you will see improvements with these changes.

@colin_mckibben The idea you shared is to get tracking id for that specific request. What I was looking for is list of all requests made by user, like “My requests” which we currently have in old UI(prod ui)

We should provide link to go to my requests page somewhere after request is completed.

Ah, in that case, please submit a new idea with your use case.