New ColumnConfig in certificationAccessReviewsTableColumns does not return any information

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Version 8.3

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Hi Community,

I have a requirement which is to add a column to the list of access reviews within a selected certification. In order to achieve this I’ve added a new ColumnConfig into the UIConfig Attribute: , but so far it has only added the column without the corresponding information.

Is it necessary to create a rule to populate that new column?

Thanks in advance!

You can only display in the column that would contain attribute which is available on the object. As farvas i remember the only extensible certification related attribute is certificationItem. What you see in this screen is AccessReview object. That means you cannot extend it with any custom attribute ergo you cant display it here.

What you did with the UIConfig is correct as long as you use attribute available in AccessReview class.

Hi @maria_hernandez ,

As @kjakubiak mentioned, you can only display values which are part of that object and Certification is the only object available. Please find the below screenshot from Whitepaper for your reference.

UI Customization with UIConfig in IdentityIQ 7.2, 7.3, and 8.0 - Compass (
Custom Evaluators helps to display additional fields, but I don’t think that can be used for this use case. You can refer the whitepaper for more information on that as well.

I’ll make sure to check everything you’ve mention.
Thank you both for your time and assistance.

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