Nested Search Query on tagged Entitlement

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I would like to search identities which has entitlement(s), which the entitlement is tagged with ‘XXX’. Initially, I thought @access(type:ENTITLEMENT AND tags:XXX) might to do the job, but apparently, ‘tags’ is not a second-level searchable field. Any idea I can achieve this the object with query?

In addition, I think why don’t we also make tags as second-level searchable field also?

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Hello @colin_mckibben,

may I ask would this be an enhancements to the search query (using tags as second-level search)?

One potential solution would be to use the list tagged objects endpoint to find all entitlements with the tag name you are interested in: list-tagged-objects | SailPoint Developer Community.

You could then construct a query using the ID of each entitlement returned by tagged objects. An example query would be:

@access(id:{ID1} OR id:{ID2})

As for your enhancement request, you can submit an idea to Idea Discussions .

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Another question here: do you have length limition on query string, if we have

@access(id:{ID1} OR id:{ID2}....)

I’m not sure… Since search is based on elastic search, it seems that there is no real limit, according to this post: What is the maximum query length in the request body for the rest API of elasticsearch - Elasticsearch - Discuss the Elastic Stack

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