Need information about bug fixed in IdentityIQ 8.2 version


We are planning for an upgrade to the 8.2 version of IdentityIQ. While going through release note bug fixes, we had one bug related to the Leaver workflow. Can we get more information about this bug- what is the fixes and what was the issue, how can we use it in custom workflows, etc. Below is the bug -

The Leaver workflow no longer auto-rejects work items not owned by the identity going through the Leaver lifecycle event.


This issue only affected the Accelerator Pack leaver lifecycle event, which can auto-reject pending access request work items for the leaver. The bug was affecting work items not owned by the leaver, but that was fixed in 8.2 and 8.1p3. Unless you are using the Accelerator Pack leaver feature, the bug will not affect you.