Multiple languages for attributes displaynames

Hello everyone,

I have a French client who has an international activity and this client would like to have his attributes displaynames in French for french browser language and in English for the other browsers languages.
I know it’s easily configurable in IdentityIQ but I can’t find a way to do it with Identity Security Cloud.
Can you help me on this?

Thank you.

Hi Mathieu,
Honestly I don’t think so - as you can see on this screenshot

attributes like description are also single strings not complex maps which would support multilingual descriptions like in IIQ.

Hi Kamil,

Thank you for your reply. I hope SailPoint will do something about this as it’s an important feature for non-English customers!


I worked on Nordic languages, I didn’t do any explicit config for it. Values displayed properly, replaced the special characters for special attributes like email.


Yes, I understand that I can use French language without problem for attribute display names, but the problem is that we cannot configure both French and English for display names depending on the browser language.


That is correct, We don’t have language toggle config as far as I know.