Multiple accounts on auth source

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How do I handle multiple accounts on auth source for the same user.
We have SAP HR as auth source and users have multiple contracts for the same user on it.
Though we have an attribute which is unique for a user and repeats in every account with the same value WAUSW is SAP is the main employee number.
Correlated the identity with this value but it is creating multiple identities in the system for the same user.
Can you please help me with this ? My understanding is for every record in SAP it is creating a new identity although i want to club some records and create 1 identity and associate other accounts with it.

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Usually, IDN is pretty good at detecting duplicate accounts and automatically correlating them to an identity. In the event that this isn’t happening, you will need to specify how a source should correlate accounts with identities. This involves mapping an identity attribute to an account attribute.

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Have already done that.

the account id is set to employee number which may be different to WAUSW which is unique for each account

also please see the identity profile

There are 2 aspects to this problem depending on where you can handle them.

  1. Cloud level: Interesting part here is you cannot handle this at cloud level. Correlation on auth source is not guaranteed. When aggregation starts , IdentityNow sees 2 accounts coming from end source and after that it can either create new identity or can correlate incoming account to existing identity. This process happens in parallel sometimes or sometimes one after another. Overall you cannot be sure of what would be the outcome. So this would not solve your problem.

  2. Connector level: This is the only option you have where you can handle multiple account problem. I am not sap connector expert but there is some mechanism to handle your use case. Go through connector guide and if you cannot find it, create expert services ticket. They might be able to help you.

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Thanks Chirag

The connector does mention support for central person id for this type of correlation. I am trying to acheive this with WUASW, do you know if there is any limitation to use different attributes

I am afraid I am not aware about those. Others can help or sp es team can help you.